Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Iron Horse Bicycle Classic

The 40th annual Iron Horse Bicycle Classic was a great time for all!  A full Memorial Day weekend of fun sandwiched between seven-hour car rides was memorable indeed.

Highlights of the weekend include:

  • Riding the Quarter Horse 25-mile road bike ride with Amy...we had a blast!
  • Playing with Wyatt and his friend, Kieran
  • Watching Greg Krause win the criterium road race by lapping the field..absolutely incredible!
  • Spending some excellent time with a great group of friends
  • Competing in the pro field at the mountain bike race.  Unfortunately, a blown front shifter put me at the back of the field from the start.  After that, however, things went pretty well and I felt strong en route to a 16th place finish.
  • Riding through a bar (literally, the kind where beer is sold) and over a huge ramp (see photo) during the race.


  1. Cool ride through the bar! Are you racing Silver Rush this year?

  2. Travo...did you partake as you passed through the bar? I like it...wish we had more of this in other races...laundromat next time!

  3. Hey Tim,
    No Silver Rush this year because we'll be in Europe. Hope all is well!

    PS-Yep, the laundromat would be sweet!