Friday, June 24, 2011

Front Range 60 MTB Race...and More!

Bee-lieve it or not, this swarming of stingers on a for-sale bike at Bear Creek Lake Park is not the only exciting event of the last week.  In three years of existence, the Front Range 60 has grown into a competitive and well-attended event.  Consisting of six ten-mile loops on a relatively flat course with short, punchy climbs, the race provided a good speed workout for me.

The "four hours of intervals" as I thought of it after the race, began fast for the pro field, and we completed the first ten miles in just over 30 minutes.  Subsequent laps slowed as the course filled with riders of various ability levels, but the intensity remained high throughout.  Kalan Beisel persisted in the front throughout, and held on for a solid win.  After fighting for laps to catch a lead group of three, I finally passed super-talented pro road racer Taylor Shelden and Clif Bar's Brady Kappius when they both dealt with flats from the copious goatheads.

Thankfully, my new Continental Race King 2.2 UST Tubeless tires with Stans held up very well!  Shelden, Kappius, and I found ourselves together going into the final sprint.  Shelden smoked it and took second overall, and I was able to hold off Kappius as he climbed the final with no air (literally, none at all--and he still went fast) in his rear tire.  I was happy with a third place finish in this competitive field.

Amy's first Mother's Day was a hit, and I resumed riding on Monday with Nial Irwin, a hotshot ninth-grader who will be force to be reckoned with next year on the high school mountain biking circuit.

A few days after racing in 90-degree heat, it snowed about a foot.  Living at 8200' provides excellent altitude training, but sometimes it's a pain in the back!

And, finally, Wyatt is cuter than ever.

Up next is the Durango Iron Horse MTB race on Memorial Day followed by the Teva Mountain Games.

PS- Mountain bikers should consider checking out  Coach Gene Hamilton has provided some excellent advice here, and I have been very happy with progress in riding switchbacks and climbing steep stuff (I made it up the pitch just above the final junction on Bergen Peak!) due to his tips.

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