Sunday, February 10, 2013

Vail Uphill at the Winter Mountain Games

In 2012, Vail began holding a Winter Mountain Games to balance the excellent summer Teva Games Event. The second year of the festival brought more excellent competition and a fun atmosphere.

I missed the snowshoe race on Friday due to work and was fired up for the Vail Uphill, which gains about 2,400' in a shot straight up the ski slopes, today.  Competitors can use any means desired, and athletes today used running shoes, snowshoes, skis with climbing skins, and hiking boots.

It was a great race, and I was happy to finish 2nd.  Hats off to Josiah for the win and for John Tribbia and Brian Smith for a great race all the way to the line.

1.  Josiah Middaugh
2.  Travis Macy
3.  John Tribbia
4.  Brian Smith
5.  Sage Canaday

Travis, Josiah, and Sage

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