Monday, January 14, 2013

January by the Numbers

70 million - years ago that Denver was actually under water.  My "awesome photo" did not turn out well because of the ice on the phone, but the view from Bergen Peak of the plains was pretty sweet at sunrise when the clouds below looked like a prehistoric ocean.  Adamowski can vouch for me.

104 - trail runs that Dave Cadwallader will complete for the Peak Challenge

13- half marathons to be run by Tanya Martelli for the Peak Challenge

11:39 - time on the clock in the 4th quarter at the Broncos game when I admitted to myself that I was truly cold

11.38 - pounds of clothing I must have been wearing at the game

11 - times I have tried to figure out how they lost!

10 - (or so) miles Ryan Haebe and I have been running together a couple of times a week...he's still got the engine, the speed, and the drive!

9 - summits so far for the Peak Challenge; only 147 to go.

8 - scoops of Vitargo used between two bottles for four hours of training

7 - weeks of racing in the Leadman series - stoked!

6 - or so weeks until our daughter is born - hooray!

5 - days until the Sourdough Snowshoe Race 30k; should be a fun one!

4 - legs on the "huge" mountain lion spotted by our neighbors "hanging out" in our front yard the other day

3 - quarters Wyatt and I made it through at the Nuggets game.  Thanks for the courtside tickets, Rob!

2 - bottles that don't freeze when worn under a jacket in the CamelBak Ultra LR Vest.  Plenty of time to test cold weather gear this week!

1 - (and only one) good reason to lock your doors in Evergreen (see #4)

-5 - average temperature when starting to run this week

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