Monday, December 31, 2012

Resolving to Make a Difference in 2013:

Training and racing are, in many ways, selfish endeavors.  I'm looking forward to a new project in 2013, Peak Challenge for a Cause, that seeks to raise funds for important causes while simultaneously empowering athletes at all levels to set and achieve significant goals.

In conjunction with the project, I pledge to summit Bergen Peak, Evergreen Mountain, and Elephant Butte (the highest peaks in my 'hood) a total of 156 times this year.  The purpose is to raise money for The Ryan Haebe Fund, and I'm looking for individuals and organizations who would like to pledge at least 25 cents for each summit.  It's an all-or-nothing deal, and sponsors only pay if athletes like me hit their goals.  My parents and VITARGO North America have already signed on at $1 per summit, and I'd love to connect with others who would like to support the cause!

Info is below and at, and I would love to receive an email from you soon ( about being involved as an athlete or supporter!

Happy New Year!

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