Saturday, November 17, 2012

Winter is Here: Bring on the Snowshoeing on Northern Lites!

I caught up with my good old friend Dave Mackey on a run at White Ranch in Golden today, and our conversation enthused me for--in addition to life in general--the upcoming snowshoe season and training for some running races. Snowshoeing has been my winter staple since I was about 12, and I have always loved the sport. I'm excited to continue racing on Northern Lites this year because they have long been the lightest, best snowshoes out there! Josiah Middaugh, who just finished 2nd at XTERRA Worlds (yeah Josiah!) will also be running on Northern Lites, and I have asked the company to make his snowshoes out of steel to give the rest of us a chance. I'm also excited to represent the Pedal Power Bike Shop this winter. Run by Bruce Kelly in Eagle-Vail, CO, Pedal Power has held the state's best snowshoe racing series for a long time. These are snowshoe races with real singletrack and a true sense of adventure, and I'm stoked to get out there!

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