Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Tour de Jeffco MTB" on 4/22/12: Join for a Great Training Ride!

1. The route:
  • Evergreen to top of Evergreen Mountain
  • Up and down Bergen Peak
  • Across Bergen Park (stop at gas station for water/food)
  • Down Chimney Gulch
  • Up Apex
  • Down Paradise Hills and Frontage Road
  • Across Dakota Ridge
  • Stop at gas station in Morrison for food and water
  • Up Mt. Falcon
  • Down Lair O' the Bear
  • Up Morrison Canyon to Beaujo's in Evergreen for pizza and beer
2.  Who's invited?
You and anyone else who's interested; pass it on.

3.  Who will ride together in a group?
Fewer than the number required for a group permit.

4.  Is this an "event," "race," "ride," or anything else "official"?
NO!  no.  "No."

5.  What time?
Call or text me and I'll let you know when and where to meet.  Plan on early morning in Evergreen.

6.  Who thought this up?  Why should I do it?
Andrew has been talking about it for years.  If riding world class trails all day with your friends is not reason enough, you probably should stop reading now.

7.  Do I have to do the whole thing?
No!  I can shoot you text message updates along the way if you want to meet up.  Doing the first part (Evergreen Mtn) or last (Falcon+Bear to Evergreen or Bear to Evergreen) might work well.

8.  Why April 22nd?
Three weeks should give you time to:
8.1.  Ride like you're in the Tour (example of a real "event") to get in shape.
8.2.  Do nothing and get really rested up.
8.3.  Do something nice enough to get a hall pass, if required.
8.4.  8.2 and 8.3
8.5.  8.1 and 8.3 (three-week hall pass may be hard to obtain)

9.  Is there an entry fee? Will there be prizes?
No.  This is not an "event."  See #4.

10.  Will anyone present at the finish get to dig through my give away box of items gleaned when cleaning out the gear room before we move?

11.  How far is it?  How long will it take?  How much climbing is involved?
I have no idea.  Depending on your perspective, probably something between "a solid day on the bike" and "I hope I survive."  Plan on being self sufficient, and think about coming with at least one person with whom you can ride the entire route.

12.  Can I crash on your couch in Evergreen before and/or after?

13.  What bike should I ride?
A mountain bike.  Drop me a line if you're interested in a deeply discounted price on a new Yeti ASR-Carbon (I'm stoked to be racing on this bike!).

14.  How do I get extra credit?
Ride White Ranch and as many other Jeffco trails as possible on Sunday!


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