Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wulong Mountain Quest Preview

Hello EHS Students, Colleagues, and Other Followers,

Thanks for tuning in and following the progress of a whirlwind Chinese adventure that includes racing in the Wulong Mountain Quest Adventure Race with Team Out There USA coupled with some literary highlights of the Chinese tradition.

The race includes running, mountain biking, kayaking, and fixed ropes with a coed team of four. My team is entirely from Colorado, and we’ll race against the world’s best from China, France, New Zealand, Australia, and other countries. The four-day stage race features a short prologue of approximate two hours followed by three days of racing for five to seven hours. The race begins on September 3rd, and you may follow results on a daily basis at www.wulongquest.com.

Literary highlights (thanks, students, for following along in class with Mr. Preston) will include important and interesting bits and pieces from the region.

Thanks for tuning in and following along!

Mr. Macy

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