Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beaver Creek Snowshoe Adventure Series: Race #2

Traffic on I-70 was quite a challenge, and I missed half of the Super Bowl getting home. The Beaver Creek Snowshoe Challenge, however, was worth the effort of getting there!

A fresh dump of over a foot at Beaver Creek made for some excellent snowshoeing conditions, and I was lucky to be able to break trail for about a third of the 5k course. Happy that no one was able to catch me on this slow section, I continued to the finish and gained the win in the race.

The third of three races in the series is on March 6th, and I feel pretty good about my lead in the standings going into the final competition.

Up next is the Mt. Taylor Quadrathlon on February 19th. Josiah Middaugh and some other strong racers will be out this year, and it should be a great race! Amy and Wyatt will make the journey to Grants, NM with me, and we are looking forward to a family trip.

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