Monday, January 10, 2011

Beaver Creek Snowshoe Adventure Series: Race #1

The nation's biggest and longest-lasting snowshoe racing series, the Beaver Creek Snowshoe Adventure Series ( kicked off this weekend. The Beaver Creek races offer 5k and 10k courses at high altitude, and the groomed trails that make up most of the courses make for a good old lung-burning time!

Prize money is offered in the 5k and 10k divisions this year. I have had a few close races with Josiah Middaugh in other snowshoe races this season, but I figured that besting him in three races would not be a sure bet. So, when my friend, Greg Krause, informed me of the series details on Saturday during our long bike ride (I had not paid attention to the information due to preoccupation with the birth of our son), I decided to try my hand at the 5k distance. I have not done a 5k running race since college, and my last 5k snowshoe race was probably at about age 13.

The wager paid off, and I was able to win the 5k by a decent margin. In order to maintain a lead in the series, I will need to remain consistent for the next two races in the series, as the victory goes to the person with the lowest combined time.

Up next is the Colorado Snowshoeing State Championship next Saturday at the Tennessee Pass Nordic Center outside of Leadville. The whole course is above 10,000'...perfect!

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